Southern Exposure - The Art of Paula B. Holtzclaw

"Paula Holtzclaw paints a southeastern coast I thought only a poet or great novelist could create. She conveys both the eternal beauty and ephemeral mood of each place, harnessing the timeless, universal aspects of landscapes untouched by man. These wilderness areas of our coastal terrain become spiritual sanctuaries of unparalleled enchantment that evoke a sense and awe and reverence for our natural world.

As the world around us takes on a fresh perspective, it is as though seeing it for the very first time - not as detached observers but as intimately engaged participants. With every painting, Paula Holtzclaw preserves a moment in time to live on generation after generation."

Pat Branning, Southern author

Hardcover: 11.25" x 11.25" 
144 Pages - 92 Plates

ISBN: 979-8-218-22433-2
Author: Paula B. Holtzclaw
Publisher: M.J. Jacobs, LLC book design and Production, through