Ralph L. Wickiser The Reflected Stream The Early Years 1975 -1985

The first edition of Ralph L. Wickiser's The Reflected Stream, The Early Years 1975-1985. Ralph L. Wickiser well known painter and educator and author of the following books, An introduction to Art Activities (New York, Greenwood Press, 1969, 1947), An Introduction to Art Education (Yonkers-on-Hudson, N.Y., World Book Co., 1957), Mardi Gras Day (by Ralph L Wickiser; Caroline Durieux; John McCrady New York, H. Holt, 1948) concentrates on the Reflected Stream paintings which he is well known for during the period of 1975 - 1985. The hardcover edition includes 128 pages, with 94 illustrations including 56 plates in full color. The book includes an introduction by David Adams Cleveland, illustrative history of Ralph Wickiser by Walter Wickiser, as well as essays by Gerrit Henry, Lilly Wei, and Judd Tully.

128 pages, 94 illustrations including 56 color plates

ISBN: 978-0-692-00034-2

Author: David Adam Cleveland

Publisher: Walter Wickiser Gallery INC.