Raymond Everett Kinstler: My Brush with History by Kinstler, Raymond Everett


Everett Raymond Kinstler has earned the accolade of national treasure from Louis A. Zona, Director of the Butler Institute of American Art.

In his Foreword to this magnificent book, Zona invites readers to celebrate the sheer magnitude of Kinstler's talent. For over 60 years he has been upholding the rich tradition of narrative painting which extends back to the easels of the likes of Chase, Sargent and that greatest American Academician of them all, Thomas Eakins. Zona believes that Kinstler's art celebrates tradition by extolling its time-honored powers.

Although he is best known for his portraits, as will be revealed in this book, Kinstler was also a superior illustrator in the Golden Age of Comics. According to Louis A. Zona, his landscape, interiors, figurative work and still lifes rival any work past or present in those genres.

In his own words, Kinstler describes his early years and the influences that changed his life. He describes his life as an illustrator and how he came to paint the first portrait that set him on the path to becoming America's most beloved and accomplished portrait painter. His portraits of John Wayne, Jimmy Cagney, Katharine Hepburn, Leonard Bernstein, Marian Anderson and Tennessee Williams have become icons in their own right and have often been reproduced.

To date Kinstler has painted official portraits of five U.S. Presidents - Gerald Ford, Richard M. Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush and William J. Clinton as well as two First Ladies - Betty Ford and Lady Bird Johnson.

This book is more than a showcase of exceptional art from a living master, it is a testament to Kinstler's passion for art and its power to make a difference. As Louis A. Zona says, "If art intensifies life, or as St. Augustine said, 'To sing is to pray twice', then Ray Kinstler's canvases are truly painted prayers which pay homage to the astonishing beauty in God's universe."


Book Reference No.:B253 STD
Book Cover: Hard Cover
Book Specs: 12 1/4" x 10"
No. of Pages: 168

About the Author

EVERETT RAYMOND KINSTLER is a native New Yorker who began his career at age 16, drawing comic books and hundreds of book and magazine illustrations, as well as covers for paper back books. As one of the "golden age" era of comic book artists, his illustrations for magazines, including The Shadow and Doc Savage, have influenced the pop art school.

He studied at the Art Students League, where he later taught from 1969 to 1974. Kinstler ultimately made the transition to portraitist, and soon established himself as one of the nation's foremost portrait painters. For over four decades, Kinstler also has devoted time to painting landscapes and watercolors.

Among Kinstler's more than 1200 portraits are such well-known personalities as Tony Bennett, Carol Burnett, James Cagney, Betty Ford, Gene Hackman, Katharine Hepburn, Lady Bird Johnson, Paul Newman, Peter O'Toole, Gregory Peck, and John Wayne. Others include authors Arthur Miller, Ayn Rand, Tennessee Williams, and Tom Wolfe; Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Harry Blackmun; business and government leaders such as John D. Rockefeller III, Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, six U.S. Governors, four US Secretaries of State, and the presidents of universities and colleges including Brown, Harvard, Oklahoma, Princeton, Smith, Wellesley, Williams, and Yale.

Kinstler has painted more than 50 cabinet officers, more than any artist in the country's history. Five Presidents - Richard Nixon, Gerald R. Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton have posed for him. His portraits of Ford and Reagan are the official White House portraits.

He was awarded honorary doctorates by Rollins College in 1983 and the Lyme Academy College of Art in 2002. The National Portrait Gallery, Washington, D.C., has acquired 75 of his original works for its permanent collection. He is also represented in many prestigious institutions including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Butler Institute of American Art and the Brooklyn Museum.

Memberships include: National Academy of Design (N.A.), Allied Artists of America, American Watercolor Society, Pastel Society of America (Hall of Fame), Audubon Artists, Copley Society of Boston (life) and the National Arts Club.

In 1999, Kinstler received the Copley Medal from the Smithsonian, National Portrait Gallery, its highest honor.

In 2005, a film on his career was featured on PBS.