Expression by Design: The Art of Kurt Anderson

In this book Kurt Anderson guides the reader on a tour of his wide-ranging artistic
output. His insights provide a deeper understanding of how representational painting
can speak to both modern and traditional sensibilities of expression and design.
 Anderson explains that the principal theme of the book is alluded to in its title.
‘Expression by Design’ can be construed two ways. “Careful design is essential to
successful painting and is of far greater importance than the casual viewer might
assume,” he says. This book sheds light on that essential element in Anderson’s art and

Anderson also explains how the most expressive aspects of painting are not strictly the
product of some innate muse. They are the product of years of observing and painting
the visual world. And in his case at least, they are a product of years studying
contemporary art theory and design as a university student, and four years as an atelier
apprentice under master painter Richard Lack. “I believe these many perspectives
inform my work. While my painting has a strong element of spontaneity and
expressiveness, it is built on a foundation of observation, craft, and inherited tradition."

Hard Cover: 84 pages, 109 illustrations in full color

ISBN: 978-0-692-05183-2
Publisher: Studio KLA